Contractor Handbook - Installing Stealth Window Surrounds

Stealth Window Surrounds

  • A. Standard Stealth Trim
  • B. Stealth w/ Flange Slot
  • C. Trim w/ Flange Slot

Stealth Window Surround Installation

  • Before installing the Stealth Window Trim, be sure the window area is properly prepared to accept it. The window should be installed square, true and plumb. It should be weather-proofed as per manufacturers specifications. VERSATEX window surrounds are not intended to be part of the window weather proofing.
  • Flash window opening in accordance with AAMA Method A1.
  • Having measured the window, cut the Stealth Trim to create a picture frame. Pocket screw and glue the Stealth Window Trim pieces to create a Stealth Window Surround. We recommend using the VERSATEX Historic Sill at the base of the window surround, the Stealth Trim with Flange Slot for the jambs and the Trim with Flange Slot at the window header. Before installing the Stealth Window Surround, run a bead of sealant down the backside edge just outside the pocket.
  • Nail the window surround the same way as VERSATEX Trim, being sure not to nail through the overhang that conceals your siding. Although this overhang piece is 1/4" thick, it may break if struck with a hammer. Use stainless steel 8d annular or spiral fasteners designed for wood trim and siding. Fasteners with thin shanks, blunt points, and full round heads are preferred. The fastener must be long enough to penetrate the substrate a minimum of 1 1/2".
  • Place nails a maximum of 16" on center.
  • At the window header, bend a piece of light gage copper or aluminum into “J” or drip edge and place it on the trim before installing the siding.
  • Install the siding around the perimeter of the window in accordance with the manufacturer's installation guidelines.

Stealth Window Installations – Click below to download drawing