While Widespread Supply-Chain Issues Muffle Some Consumer Desires, Contractors Find VERSATEX PVC Building Products Readily Available!

Pinched between homeowner expectations and supply-chain backlogs, builders and renovators
can bank on the ready availability of premium PVC trim products from VERSATEX.

A recent survey by the housing-market research service Zonda reported that 90 percent of U.S. builders see
supply disruptions as a major issue. But, in fact, not all materials are hard to get. Since the first days of the
Covid-19 pandemic, “We’ve consistently held delivery times down to two weeks,” says John Pace, founder, and
president of VERSATEX Building Products.

“Two years ago, when a lot of manufacturers were shutting down, we decided on a different approach. We had
the raw materials, we had the labor and, up to that point, we had very strong demand. We were sure that,
coming out of the pandemic, the demand still would be there.

“So we rented a 65,000-square-foot warehouse, and I told our team, ‘Produce until you can’t produce anymore.
Fill this place to the rafters.’ Now, as the world has opened back up, we’ve had inventory to spare.”

Mr. Pace spoke during a series of one-on-one conversations with residential contractors at this spring’s
International Builders Show (IBS). Builders who shared ideas with session host Rick Kapres, sales VP for
VERSATEX applauded the current demand for high-end construction and renovation projects. At the same
time, they said, they often have their hand’s full managing customers eager to wrap up projects while delivery
times for materials and appliances stretch over the horizon.

Danny Pomponio of Pomponio Construction, in Little Egg Harbor, N.J., told Mr. Kapres, “It’s hard when a
customer, somebody who doesn’t know the industry from the inside, all of a sudden wants a new kitchen.
They’re like, ‘Wait a minute, six months? That’s just crazy.’”

In agreement was Rick Morales, of Morales Construction in Jacksonville, Fla. Next to work schedules stretched
out by a new flood of clients, he said, long lead times for materials tend to trigger the most headaches. “Right
now, we’re waiting months for things like trusses, windows, and doors,” he said.

“It’s difficult. You want to grow your business, but you can’t sacrifice quality or reputation,” added Bob
Matera, CEO of Matera Builders, Ocean City, N.J. “More than technology, more than energy efficiency,
everybody in our customer base wants low maintenance. Building close to the water, we depend on materials
that resist moisture and rot. So easy access to VERSATEX fascia boards, soffits and mouldings right now
solve a lot of problems.”

“We’re pulling for all the materials manufacturers in the residential construction space,” Mr. Pace later
concluded. “Demand is really strong, and the outdoor-living trend shows no sign of weakening. Once the whole
industry gets back up to speed, I think there will be much more good than bad ahead for all of us.”

VERSATEX was founded in 2004 by industry professionals dedicated to bringing exceptional building
products to the marketplace. Our unmatched quality and consistency generate PVC trim options that meet and
exceed the needs of builders, architects, fabricators, and homeowners. At the same time, our market-back
approach focuses new-product development on customer requirements and innovations that make a real
difference in efficiency and design.