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Architect Learning Opportunities with VERSATEX

VERSATEX offers a total of four Continuing Education courses for Architects, providing in-depth knowledge about cellular PVC. These courses also meet the requirements of some self-reporting organizations such as the Ontario Architects Association (OAA).

AIA Course #: VTX101
Provider: Live Learning session facilitated by a VERSATEX representative
Length: 1 Hour
Credits: 1 Learning Unit
HSW: Yes

Upon completion of this course, architect and participants will understand:

  • the different types and properties of cellular PVC in the building/construction industry;
  • some best design practices;
  • where cellular PVC can be used and common products and applications; and
  • some of the “Green” attributes of PVC.

AIA Course #: VTX102 (Live Learning session in Aliquippa, PA); VTX103 (Offsite video version)
Provider: Live Learning session facilitated by a VERSATEX representative
Length: 2 Hours
Credits: 2 Learning Units
HSW: Yes

Upon completion of this course, architects and participants will understand:

  • the composition of cellular PVC trim, including what ingredients affect weatherability and durability;
  • the process of component blending (micro ingredients) to form a cellular PVC trim compound;
  • how to extrude cellular PVC “free-foam” sheet and how the process differs from the “celuka” process;
  • methods for creating sheets and boards in smooth and textured finishes;
  • techniques for fabricating “free-foam” cellular PVC sheet into beadboard, mouldings, pocketed trims, pocketed fascia and frieze boards, vented soffit, cornerboards, beaded sheet & column wraps;
  • installation best practices as they apply to soffit systems, beadboard, window surrounds, skirtboard, cornerboards, column wraps, and accessories; and
  • in-plant recycling and energy conservation opportunities, including what steps some plastic manufacturers have taken to recycle as much as 99% of all processed waste, and how extrusion lines can be used to reduce heat production requirements, eliminating the use of natural gas.

This course is offered online through AEC Daily. Click here for more information.

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