Beauty Of Wood

Durability of PVC.

VERSATEX’s Canvas Series delivers the rich look of hardwood along with maintenance-free convenience. The Canvas Series idea is simple: the beauty of wood with the durability of PVC. Customers can enjoy the hardwood contrast they love while skipping the restaining requirements. VERSATEX PVC will not rot or decay like traditional wood. Please watch the video below showing even more benefits of using PVC.

  • The Canvas Series is designed for use on porch ceilings, soffits, accent walls, indoor applications, etc.. The applications are endless!
  • Tongue & Groove and Moulding profiles are all available in Black Cherry, Macore, Walnut, Amber, Weathered Grey, Kitami, and Turner Oak finishes.

Add contrast to your next project’s porch ceiling or soffit, add a feature wall, or just let your imagination guide you.

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