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The Proper Methods and Benefits of Installing PVC Trim

Overview of Course:

This course involves an in-depth examination of best practices when installing PVC trim products, including best tools and methods used for cutting, routing, milling, painting, and handling expansion and contration. The Versatex instructor will discuss the best methods for installing window surrounds, cornerboards, starter boards, column wraps, soffit system, beaded porch ceilings, pergola beams and different ways to install moulding profiles. Lastly, they will talk about what steps we are taking as a company to make our product green, as well as the promotions we offer to builders.


  • To give installers a better understanding on the basic methods when installing PVC trim products
  • To give installers best practice methods during installation with products ranging from trim, beadboard, window surrounds, soffit systems, corners, one-piece column wraps, mouldings and pergola beams.
  • To provide installers with the opportunity to obtain a skill set when installing PVC trim products.

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