Handbook - Fastening

  • Use 8d nails designed for wood trim and siding that have thin shanks, blunt points and full round heads with annular threads.
  • Fasteners must penetrate a full 1 1/4" into substrate. (stud or joist)
  • If you can bend a fastener (16 ga. or 18 ga. trim nail) between your fingers, it is too thin.
  • Fasten 2” maximum from end of board. (3/4” preferred)
  • Stainless fasteners are preferred over galvanized, as there’s less chance of corrosion. (galv. stripping off fasteners)
  • Nail guns can be used – PSI between 80-100, dependent upon gun, nail, outside temperature, and substrate.
  • Use 7d trim screws for optimum hold strength.
  • In temps under 40°F, pre-drilling may be required. Consider using screws at low temperatures.
  • Avoid brads, staples, ring shank nails, or fine threaded wood screws on all trimboards. They will not provide the necessary holding power.
  • 1/2” Stealth Beadboard can be blind fastened with 1/4” wide x 1” deep galvanized staples.

Fastening Schedule

Board Width Fasteners per width a maximum of every 16" on center
4" & 6" 2
8" & 10" 3
12" 3-4
16" 4-5

Recommended Fastener Screws

Fasten Master Cortex System Screw Plug System with VERSATEX Plugs

Note: 2 3/4” Screws are available for VERSATEX MAX and 2" lengths are available for 5/8” through 5/4”.

Starborn Pro Plug System

*Eliminates need to fill countersunk screw holes.

Simpson Strong-Tie 2 1/4" Trim Screw or Equal. Can be set flush with trim.

Recommended Fastener Nails

8D Nails with Annular threads (ex. Simpson Strong-Tie Trifecta Nail). The Trifecta Nail is available collatated for use with a variety of nail guns.