Installing Versawrap

Step 1: Ensure the structural post is sound, straight, and true. If necessary, install thin furring strips or shims to the structural column approximately 4" down from the top, middle and approximately 4" up from the bottom so that the wrap fits tightly around the structural column/post. Shim all four (4) sides evenly to maintain an equal spacing around the column/post.

Step 2: Apply an adhesive that offers enough working time so it can be applied in the four joints and wrapped around the structural column/post before curing. PVC adhesives such as Weld-On 705 (5oz tube), Christy’s Red Hot or Trim Tight are a few recommended solvent based PVC adhesives. PVC glue softens the joint of the VERSAWRAP, reducing cracking of the cellular PVC at the outside corners of the wrap. Remember to apply the adhesive to only one surface of the miter lock joints. One 5oz tube of Weld-On 705 is enough glue for four Versawraps.

Step 3: Once the glue is placed in the VERSAWRAP joints, immediately place it around the structural column or post, pushing the lockmiter joint together. Use a soft rubber mallet or dead blow hammer to close the lockmiter joint. If necessary, take a sanding block with 320 grit or a more abrasive sand paper and lightly sand the lockmiter joint to smooth out any rough spots.

Step 4: Secure the VERSAWRAP column wrap to the structural column using stainless steel nails that penetrate through the furring strips. Remove the tape from the corners 4 hours after installation.

Step 5: To remove the tape, lift it across the entire top before you start to pull it down the column. If you try to pull the tape down by starting at only one corner, the tape will split into thin slivers. Pull slowly and evenly.

TIPS: Mild cleaners or solvents can be used to remove any residual adhesive resulting from leaving the tape on for an extended period of time. Use a hair dryer to help remove at a temperature below 40°.

VERSAWRAP Illustration – Click below to download drawing