Ben Moore Paint Spec

B. Paints, Sealants, Adhesives

Technical Bulletin B-2
Benjamin Moore makes the following recommendations based on adhesion testing of representative premium exterior paint testing.

Surface Preparation

Surfaces must be clean and free of grease, wax, and mildew. Remove any chalk and loose or scaling paint. Roughen the surface with a 220 grit sandpaper or equivalent for optimum adhesion. Wash dirty surfaces with a detergent solution and/or rinse with a strong stream of water from a garden hose to remove contaminants.

Exterior Paint Selection

Apply one or two coats of the following Benjamin Moore® premium exterior paints:
■ Aura® Waterborne exterior paints, Flat 629, Low Lustre 634, Satin 631, or semi-gloss 632.
■ Regal® Select high build Exterior Finish, Flat N400, Low lustre N401, Soft Gloss 403, and Soft Gloss N402 (regular build).
■ Moorlife® 100% Acrylic Flat House Paint N105, Moorgard® 100% Acrylic low lustre House Paint N103, Moorglo® 100% Acrylic Fortified Soft Gloss House Paint N096.
■ ben® 100% Acrylic Exterior Finish, Flat 541, Low Lustre 542, Soft Gloss 543.
■ Premium Commercial Ultra Spec® Exterior Finish, flat N447, Satin N448, Gloss N449.
■ Premium Commercial Super Spec® 100% Acrylic Exterior, Flat 183, Low Lustre N185, Satin 184, Semi Gloss 170.

Dark colors recommendation

Dark colors from the Benjamin Moore Vinyl Select palette can be used to supersede the general recommendation of never painting vinyl siding or trim darker than the original color.

■ Higher quality paints typically outperform lower quality paints.
■ Temperature humidity, wind and the amount of direct sunlight at time of application will affect paint drying times.
■ Since VERSATEX is impervious to moisture it may take as much as 30 days for paint application to fully cure.
■ Paint failures on wood are due primarily to moisture cycling. Since VERSATEX cannot absorb moisture, paints will adhere for a much longer time when applied to VERSATEX versus wood.


Wolfpac Technologies, Inc. is not liable for paint used on VERSATEXTrimboards and/or the results of its use.

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