Handbook - Moulding and Milling

  • Standard wood working machinery with speeds of 6,000 RPM’s or greater (the higher the RPM’s the smoother the cut). Find the “sweet spot”; for your machine.
  • Feed rates of 20-50 FPM. Depending on complexity of profile and material thickness.
  • Be sure tooling inserts on moulder are properly aligned to provide you the best possible cut – Concentric Alignment.
  • Hook Angle (12° - 15°) – Angle of cutter as it sits in the cutterhead.
  • Steeper angles lessen tear out and reduces the amount of fines and chips between cutter and VERSATEX board.
  • Relief Angle (12° - 15°) – Angle at which end of blade is ground.

Moulding Tip

  • Sharp tooling made of carbide or high speed steel, hold down clamps and optimum dust collection will produce a premium finish.

Milling (CNC)

  • Carbide tooling is recommended.
  • Use a single edge up cut spiral bit at a chip load of 0.016” to 0.018”. Keep your tooling sharp and free of any nicks or chips.
  • Run tools at 18,000 RPM’s and feed speeds between 250-360 in/min (20 to 25 FPM).
  • Minimize board movement or vibration – smoother surface finish (less chatter).
  • Optimum dust collection