Why Select VERSATEX for your homes exterior trim?


VERSATEX cellular PVC trim requires less maintenance than other similar products. It does not require the use of paints, stains or harsh cleaners to maintain its physical performance characteristics.

Energy Consumption

Because VERSATEX cellular PVC is lighter than most other building products it reduces the amount of fuel required for transportation, which in turn reduces fossil fuel use and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. VERSATEX also requires less energy to produce than many competing products and 20% less than other plastics, thus saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions.

The majority of raw materials used to produce VERSATEX vinyl trim are shipped to us via rail, once more decreasing emissions and the need for over the road transportation.

Through the implementation of energy saving design features in the construction of our manufacturing facility, VERSATEX now harvests the energy from its process to heat the plant during the winter months reducing fossil fuel use and carbon dioxide emissions.

Resource Efficiency

Recycling VERSATEX Cellular PVC trim is good for the environment. It reduces the amount of raw materials used to make new PVC and lessens the amount of wastes diverted to landfills. Most cellular PVC manufacturers recycle their post industrial trim on site. VERSATEX has taken it one step further securing and processing as much as 20% pre consumer recycled scrap into its cellular PVC trim.

As a responsible steward of the earth, VERSATEX recycles all primary waste steams thus reducing the overall carbon footprint of the company and the products manufactured.

  • 100% of all edge trim, dust, purge, die tear offs, and floor sweeps are recycled and used to produce foamed vinyl deck and foamed vinyl pipe. Millions of pounds are recycled annually both in house and through outside plastic brokers.
  • 100% of all process water based upon the amount of water consumed in the sheet extrusion process.
  • 100% of all corrugated and paper products.
  • 100% of all wood scrap converted into mulch.
  • 100% of all waste oils.
  • 100% of all office paper and plant cardboard.
  • 100% of all sales literature is printed on FSC certified recycled paper stock by an FSC certified printer.

In total over 98% of all processed waste at VERSATEX is recycled.


The longer a product lasts the less energy and other resources that must be expended to make and install replacements products. VERSATEX Cellular PVC trim is a durable material that does not rust or corrode. It is also insect, mold and mildew and fire resistant. Most PVC building materials are long life products. VERSATEX recognizes that fact and offers a 30 year transferable warranty on all its cellular PVC trims.

Energy Efficient

VERSATEX cellular PVC trim has an R-value 60% greater than that of a comparable wood trim.

Life Cycle Analysis

An environmental life cycle analysis of PVC building products similar to VERSATEX by the European Commission found that they offer environmental benefits equal to or better than competing materials. The United States Green Building Council (USGBC) PVC Task Group reached similar conclusions in its draft report issued December 2004.