VERSATEX’s Sustainable Goals & Objectives

Carbon Footprint

Reduce the carbon footprint of our plant and product by using less fossil fuel:

  • Use a minimum of 10% recycled pre-consumer cellular PVC scrap.
  • Harvest heat from equipment to heat plant and office.
  • Combine customer orders to maximize shipments.

Resource Efficiency

Identify all waste streams and recycle wherever possible:

  • Use only 100% post consumer recycled content processed chlorine free paper in the office.
  • Maximize the use of electronic files and reference materials.

Connected to the Community

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Support local non-profit organizations, schools and the community.
  • Use local rehabilitation centers to produce sales and marketing (Beaver County Rehabilitation Center).

Local Economy:

  • To the extent possible, we will purchase goods and services from local companies.

Inspiration and Fun in the workplace

Human Resources:

  • Our employees will share and promote our core values.
  • Our workplace will foster entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity. We will provide and promote balance, good health, and learning through continuing education.

Zero Waste

Solid Waste:

  • Our goal is to generate “zero” landfill waste through source reduction and recycling practices.
  • All end of life office furniture and equipment will be donated or recycled
  • All fluorescent lamps and chemicals, including waste oils and adhesives, will be recycled.
  • Recycle all office paper.
  • Reduce consumption of water within the plant and the offices.
  • Recycle all cardboard products.
  • Recycle all wood scrap into mulch.
  • Recycle all unusable PVC scrap into secondary products (pipe, decking and fencing).
  • Continue to identify other recycling opportunities.
  • Establish a scrap buy back program with OEM’s, dealers, distributors and from PVC trim scrap gathered at home site developments.