Frequently Asked Questions

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Does VERSATEX exterior trim require special code approval?
Does VERSATEX trim require painting?
Does VERSATEX require a primer?
What type of paint do you recommend for coating VERSATEX trim?
What preparation steps should be followed before painting VERSATEX trim?
Can VERSATEX trim be painted dark colors?
Can I paint over a dark color on my VERSATEX trim with a heat reflective coating?
Are there any other options available to me?
Do I need to scuff the product?
How do I fasten or join VERSATEX PVC trim?
What is the best fastening system for VERSATEX PVC trim that also hides the fastener heads?
What if I want to use a nail rather than a screw? What are my options for filling the nail holes?
Do you recommend nails or screws for fastening VERSATEX trim?
Does VERSATEX require pre-drilling before fastening?
Do you recommend gluing a PVC trim fascia board to the wooden sub-fascia?
Do you recommend all joints be glued or should we leave a caulked joint(s) to allow for product movement?
What is the best glue for joining two pieces of VERSATEX trim? What is the best glue for bonding PVC trim to wood? To metal?
How do you recommend VERSATEX trim be secured to masonry?
Can I use just glue or do I have to use glue in combination with fasteners?
Does VERSATEX burn?
VERSATEX trim is more expensive than finger-jointed pine and composite wood trims. Is it worth the price?
What is the compressive strength of VERSATEX trim?
Can I rip a 3/8” or 1/2” VERSATEX sheet into boards and use them as a fascia provided I have a solid wood sub-fascia? What is the recommended method of attaching this thin board to the sub-fascia?
When using VERSATEX trim as a column wrap over a treated 4” x 4” or 6” x 6” can I fasten the column wrap directly to the treated member?
Can I use the VERSATEX Stealth Trim System with Fiber Cement sidings or any composite siding without voiding their warranty?
What are your recommendations for dealing with expansion and contraction?
Any suggestions on what to do to exposed edges or exposed cells once VERSATEX has been cut, routed or milled?
What type of fasteners are recommended to secure VERSATEX to the building?
What is a recommended nail?
Do these nails come in strips or collated so I can gun nail them?
What is the best way to hide the nail/screw head?
What is the recommended fastening spacing for a VERSATEX board used in a long fascia, rake or frieze application?
What is the recommended fastening spacing for a soffit application?
What is the maximum temperature VERSATEX trim should be allowed to reach?
What are the recommended installation temperatures?
What are the recommended adhesives/sealants I should use with VERSATEX?
Can VERSATEX Trim be used in interior applications?