VERSATEX Exterior Mouldings – More Profiles, More Choice. With a moulding line featuring over 30 of the most popular profiles, VERSATEX low-gloss matte-finished mouldings are a great way to add detailed beauty to any job. With the exception of our Double Hung Sill (which is milled, sanded, and primed), our mouldings are extruded to ensure sealed cells and a consistent finish that matches our board and sheet products.


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  • ALL MOULDINGS ARE SOLD IN 16′ LENGTHS EXCEPT: Double Hung Sill, Brick Mould Casing, Brick Mould with Flange, J-Channel Brick Casing, Water Table and Crosshead Pediment casing sold in 18′ lengths; T-Moulding, Pediment Crown Moulding and Louver Blades sold in 12′ lengths.
  • CROWN PROFILES INCLUDE: 3″ Crown, 4″ Crown, 5″ Crown, 6″ Crown, 7″ Crown, 8″ Crown, Solid Crown, Rams Crown, Imperial Rake, Pediment Crown, Bed Mould Crown Moulding Profiles
  • SILL PROFILES INCLUDE: Sill, Historic Sill, Heavy Nose Sill, Double Hung Sill, Sill Nose, Sub Sill Nose Sill Moulding Profiles
  • CASING PROFILES INCLUDE: Brick Mould, Brick w/ Flange, J-Channel Brick, Adams Casing, Crosshead Pediment, Base Cap. Rake Mould, Backband Casing Moulding Profiles
  • COVE PROFILES INCLUDE: Baluster, Scotia, Quarter Round, Nose Cove Cove Moulding Profiles
  • ADDITIONAL PROFILES INCLUDE: Water Table, Panel Mould, T-Mould, Shingle Mould, Beadboard Cap, Drip Cap, Garage Seal, Louver Blades Additional Moulding Profiles

Questions About Installation?
View installation guides for Brick Mould Installation, Moulding Installation, and VERSATEX Installation.

Warranty Coverage
At VERSATEX, products are created from cellular PVC in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with the highest level of quality and feature a fully-transferable limited lifetime warranty. Regarding Canvas Series Products, VERSATEX warrants to the Consumer/Purchaser that the film laminate will not discolor beyond the manufacturer’s tolerances (≤ greyscale 3 – ISO 105-A02) for 12 years from the date of original purchase. Furthermore, VERSATEX warrants to the Consumer/Purchaser that the application of the film onto the underlying PVC substrate be free from manufacturing defects for 12 years from the date of original purchase. See full warranty details.