Finish strong. The VERSATEX engineering team completes on-going research of products that work well with our cellular PVC and we make a number of recommendations in our Product Suggestion Guide in order to help you install VERSATEX correctly. In addition to those suggestions, the products shown here are available through our stocking dealers.

Product Information

VZClip Hidden Fastening System

A hidden fastener clip for 3/4″ WP4 profiles, the VZClip is quicker and easier than traditional face nailing. Available in galvanized or stainless steel and compatible with VERSATEX’s reversible WP4/Nickel Gap profile and the Canvas Series WP4 profiles. VZClip are to be installed every 16 inches using #8 1 5/8inch galvanized or stainless steel screws. Coverage area is approx. 180 sq ft. or approx. 21, 18′ boards.

VZClips sold in boxes of approx. 315.

Adhesive Products

We complete the project with Weld-On. All products maintain top UV resistance and are a close match to the color of our products. Approximate set times for Weld-On #705 is 3-5 minutes.

Weld-On #705 White 16oz 32oz
Weld-On #705 Clear 4oz 8oz
Weld-On 5oz Squeeze Tube (white only)


For certain types of joints such as edge-to-edge, miter, “T” joints, and corners, there is hardly a better choice than a biscuit joint. VERSATEX introduced a #20 biscuit specifically made for VERSATEX trim, eliminating the use of incompatible wood biscuits.

#20 sold in boxes of 25; Cases include ten boxes

The VZClip Hidden Fastening System:

  • Speeds installation over traditional fastening
  • Eliminates nail holes offering a natural and modern appearance
  • Installer has confidence, securing the fastener to the wall studs or ceiling joist
  • Delivers holding strength to resist winds associated with Category 3 hurricane

Questions About Installation?
View installation guides for WP4 with VZClip and VERSATEX Installation.

Warranty Coverage
At VERSATEX, products are created from cellular PVC in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with the highest level of quality and feature a fully-transferable limited lifetime warranty. Regarding Canvas Series Products, VERSATEX warrants to the Consumer/Purchaser that the film laminate will not discolor beyond the manufacturer’s tolerances (≤ greyscale 3 – ISO 105-A02) for 12 years from the date of original purchase. Furthermore, VERSATEX warrants to the Consumer/Purchaser that the application of the film onto the underlying PVC substrate be free from manufacturing defects for 12 years from the date of original purchase. See full warranty details.