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When HGTV and DIY network hosts and designers Chip and Pauli Wade set out to build their ultimate mountain retreat, Pinhoti Peak, they knew the VERSATEX Canvas Series was a must-have. Blending materials inspired by nature, minimal maintenance, and functional elegance, the Canvas Series by VERSATEX, checked all the boxes. The Canvas Series can be installed anywhere traditional materials can, such as porch ceilings, soffits, accent walls, outdoor fences, showers, and more.

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Featuring the VERSATEX Canvas Series

Chip Wade’s minimalist mountaintop home project needed an exceptional exterior-trim solution: One that would combine extreme weather resistance with the warm look of hardwood – plus unusually long, one-piece trimboard dimensions to cover a large wall in a single clean, horizontal sweep. That’s why, for Pinhoti Peak, his modernist North Georgia showhouse, he chose the Canvas Series, a premium PVC innovation from VERSATEX Building Products. Canvas offers builders and homeowners a range of durable, realistic woodgrain surfaces, permanently bonded to high-performance, maintenance-free WP4 or T&G trimboards. 

Beauty of Wood


There was never a question about using VERSATEX on the side of Pinhoti Peak. The Canvas Series, by VERSATEX, can be installed anywhere traditional materials can, such as porch ceilings, soffits, accent walls, outdoor fences, showers, and more.

It looks so natural. The laminate print that you have on here is so well thought out. It has great randomness. I chose Turner Oak, but in other applications, I could have chosen a different color palate.

Durability of PVC

Hallway, Office, Bathroom

These boards from VERSATEX look like natural wood but with PVC’s durability and low maintenance. The Canvas Series by VERSATEX comes in various colors and textures and can be used for walls, ceilings, and outdoor applications. Chip Wade opted for the Turner Oak finish with a warm, textured wood-grain design that looks like natural wood. The dark wood walls and the lighter-colored floors create a striking contrast down the hallway at Pinhoti. I can’t imagine any combination that would look better or be easier to maintain.

This is up close and personal, perfectly smooth, with no splinters, no checks, but there is still texture to it. But again, you appreciate the linearity and perfection of the hardwood look.

Designed to Last a Lifetime

Adu Kitchen

The kitchen is designed to maximize space and functionality while incorporating the latest trends in modern design. The Canvas Series by VERSATEX is a cellular PVC tongue and groove WP4 board with an exterior-grade wood-tone laminate. The Canvas Series provides a sleek and contemporary woodgrain look to the kitchen while providing maintenance-free convenience in this high-wear area.

I always recommend products I know will give me a great reputation. VERSATEX helps me look good, an important dynamic in a contractor, architect, and client relations. You want to ensure that your advice as the expert is good because people count on you to pick the right product.

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