Finish strong

The VERSATEX engineering team completes on-going research of products that work well with our cellular PVC and we make a number of recommendations in our Product Suggestion Guide in order to help you install VERSATEX correctly. In addition to those suggestions, the following products are available through our stocking dealers.

A hidden fastener clip for 3/4″ WP4 profiles, the VZClip is quicker and easier than traditional face nailing. Available in galvanized or stainless steel and compatible with VERSATEX’s reversible WP4/Nickel Gap profile and the Canvas Series WP4 profiles. VZClip are to be installed every 16 inches using #8 1 5/8inch galvanized or stainless steel screws. Coverage area is approx. 180 sq ft. or approx. 21, 18′ boards.

VZClips sold in boxes of approx. 315

  • Speeds installation over traditional fastening
  • Eliminates nail holes offering a natural and modern appearance
  • Installer has confidence, securing the fastener to the wall studs or ceiling joist
  • Delivers holding strength to resist winds associated with Category 3 hurricane

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Adhesive Products

We complete the project with Weld-On. All products maintain top UV resistance and are a close match to the color of our products. Approximate set times for Weld-On #705 is 3-5 minutes.

Weld-On #705 White 16oz 32oz
Weld-On #705 Clear 4oz 8oz
Weld-On 5oz Squeeze Tube (white only)


For certain types of joints such as edge-to-edge, miter, “T” joints, and corners, there is hardly a better choice than a biscuit joint. VERSATEX introduced a #20 biscuit specifically made for VERSATEX trim, eliminating the use of incompatible wood biscuits.

#20 sold in boxes of 25; Cases include ten boxes