Proper Handling

Since VERSATEX is a premium grade building material, it is important to take certain steps when handling the product.

Below are a few recommendations that will keep the product in a factory like condition in your yard or at the job site.

1. VERSATEX skids were never designed to allow a forklift operator to pick up two (2) skids of VERSATEX product at one time with standard four (4) foot wide forks. A typical skid of VERSATEX product weighs roughly 3,000 pounds.

2. If you want to pick up two (2) skids of VERSATEX trim at once you need to invest in a ten (10) foot fork spreader for the front of your lift truck. This device will support the skid weight and minimize bowing of the skid. These spreader units typically cost about $3000 and are available from most local forklift supplier.

3. Failure to follow these recommendations will result in pallets splitting and damage to your VERSATEX product.

4. Whenever possible work from top down and across each row when pulling boards from the skids.

5. Use an adjustable nylon strap around the skid and corners to protect the product where the bands come into contact with the boards.

6. When pulling an order use one of our empty skids for the piece order, making sure to keep it flat and neatly stacked. Use cardboard edge protectors and plastic banding to secure it to the skid.

7. Whenever possible avoid using metal banding. Metal banding will cut into the boards if pulled too tight.

8. Lift truck drivers should drive cautiously when handling a skid of VERSATEX.

9. When moving a skid of VERSATEX, keep the load as close to the ground as possible.

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