PVC Sheet

With the Most Thicknesses and Length Options

You’re Never Limited.

With our sheet, possibilities are endless and limits are nonexistent. VERSATEX uses the most up-to-date extrusion technology to control sheet thickness tolerances to half that of the competition. The result is a more consistent sheet providing builders and fabricators high yields, less scrap, and a higher quality finished product for applications such as pergolas, arbors, gingerbread, gables, and much more.

Like our trimboards, we also offer cut-to-length sheets in unit quantities. VERSATEX features the most comprehensive sheet stock available, ranging from as thin as 1/4” to a full 1 1/2”.



Width & Length (feet)
Actual Thickness 4x8' 4x10' 4x12' 4x18' 4x20'
1 1/4"
1 1/2"
  • Custom lengths available in “Smartpack” quantities
  • 1 1/2” are subject to extended lead times
  • 5′ wide Sheets available in certain sizes and special quantities
  • All sizes except 1/4” thicknesses available in Timber Ridge
  • Beaded Sheets available in T&G profiles